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79283LD2103-1TL53SiemensSwitch Disconnector 3LD 4P 25A AC-23A 9.5kW2
34033LD2164-1GP51SiemensSwitch disconnector 3LD, main switch, 3-pole, Iu: 25 A7
93983LD9280-0B - SiemensSiemens2
93993LD9281-2A - SiemensSiemensTerminal cover, 1Pole for 100A and 125A8
99153MH7901-0CT10SiemensAux. 1NC Current path for 3MT7 and 3MH7 Contactor Screw termina10
99173MH7910-0CT10SiemensAux. 1NO Current path for 3MT7 and 3MH710
99183MH7911-0CL10SiemensAux. 1NO 1NC Current path for 3MT7 and 3MH750
88683MT7002-0JA11-6AN2SiemensCapacitor duty contactor 1NO 1NC 220VAC 20kvar17
88693MT7002-5JA11-6AN2SiemensCapacitor duty contactor 1NO 1NC 220VAC 25kvar20
88703MT7004-0JA12-6AN2SiemensCapacitor duty contactor 1NO 2NC 220VAC 40kvar25
88713MT7005-0JA12-6AN2SiemensCapacitor duty contactor 1NO 2NC 220VAC 50kvar25
99193MT7025-2AA10-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:25A 1NO AC110V 50HZ Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw10
99203MT7025-2AA10-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:25A 1NO AC230V 50Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw9
99213MT7032-2AA10-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:32A 1NO AC110V 50HZ Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw10
99223MT7032-2AA10-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:32A 1NO AC230V 50Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw10
99233MT7065-3AA11-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:65A 1NO+1NC AC110V 50HZ Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw5
99243MT7120-5AA00-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:120A AC 110V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw5
99253MT7170-6AA00-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:170A AC 110V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw5
99263MT7170-6AA00-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:170A AC 230V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw5
99273MT7205-6AA00-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:205A AC 230V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw2
99283MT7250-7AA00-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:250A AC 110V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw3
99293MT7250-7AA00-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:250A AC 230V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw5
99303MT7300-7AA00-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:300A AC 230V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw2
99313MT7400-8AA00-0AF0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3:400A AC 110V 50 Hz Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw3
99323MT7400-8AA00-0AP0Siemens3P Power Contactor AC3 400A AC 230V 200kW Main circuit: Screw Auxiliary circuit: Screw5
34043NA3140SiemensLV HRC fuse element, NH1, In: 200 A3
34053NA3224SiemensLV HRC fuse element, NH2, In: 80 A6
80963NA3224SiemensLV HRC fuse 80A6
91013NA3365 - SiemensSiemensLV HRC fuse element, NH3, In: 500A, gG, Un AC: 500V, Un DC: 440 V3
34073NA3832SiemensLV HRC fuse element, NH00, In: 125 A3
1001773NA6817-4SiemensLV HRC fuse element, NH000, In: 40A, gG, Un AC: 400 V, Combined indicator, insulated Grip lugs12
34083NA7830SiemensLV HRC fuse element, NH000, In: 100 A Combined indicator93
1001793NC1415SiemensSitor cylindrical fuse link, 14x51 mm, 15A, aR, Un AC: 690V, Un DC: 700 V, DC according to UL8
1001803NC1420SiemensSitor cylindrical fuse link, 14x51 mm, 20 A, aR, Un AC: 690 V, Un DC: 700 V, DC according to U8
1001813NC1491SiemensSitor fuse switch 14x 51, Up to 50A, 690VAC2
61443NE1334-2SiemensFuse link 500A2
34103NE1817-0SiemensSITOR fuse link, with blade contacts, NH000, In: 50 A3
76883NE1818-0SiemensFuse Link 63A1
61113NE3224SiemensSITOR fuse link, with slotted blade contacts, NH1, In: 160 A3
34113NE3231SiemensSITOR fuse link, with slotted blade contacts, NH1, In: 350 A1
34133NE4327-6BSiemensSITOR fuse link, with female thread on both sides, In: 250 A12
34163NP4010-0CH01SiemensSENTRON, Fuse switch disconnector 3NP4, 3-pole, NH000, 160 A21
61553NP5060-0CA00SiemensSentron, Fuse switch disconnector 3NP5 3P NH00 160A9
34173NW1040-0HGSiemensSENTRON, cylindrical fuse link, Class CC, 4 A, time-lag, Un AC: 600 V20
94753NW6002-1SiemensFuse link, 10 x 38 mm, 2 A, gG, Un AC: 500V2
34183RA1911-1AA00SiemensLink module Electrical and mechanical for 3RV1011 and 3RT2.1, 3RW301 AC and DC operation3
34223RA2316-8XB30-1BB4SiemensReversing contactor assembly AC-3, 4 kW/400 V, 24 V DC 3-pole, Size S002
34233RA2325-8XB30-1BB4SiemensReversing contactor assembly AC-3, 7.5 kW/400 V, 24 V DC 3-pole, Size S01
34203RA2921-1BA00SiemensLink module for screw terminal electrical and mechanical for 3RV2.1/3RV2.2-3RT2.2 DC operation or soft starter 3RW3 or sold-state contactor 3RF3410
34213RA2931-1AA00SiemensLink module Electrical and mechanical for 3RV2.3 and 3RT2.3. and soft starter 3RW303/3RW4032
34243RB2036-1QB0SiemensOverload relay 6...25 A For motor protection Size S21
34263RB2036-1UW1SiemensOverload relay 12.5...50 A For motor protection Size S21
34313RB3026-1SB0SiemensOverload relay 3...12 A Electronic For motor protection Size S02
81053RF2430-1AC45SiemensKontaktor 3Phase 3RF2 AC 51 30A 48-600V 4-30VDC6
34343RH1131-1AP00SiemensContactor relay, 3 NO + 1 NC 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz Screw terminal size S001
34373RH1911-1FA11SiemensAuxiliary switch block, 11 1 NO + 1 NC EN 50005 Screw terminal size S0010
34413RH1921-1CA01Siemensfront-side auxiliary switch, 1 NC contact, screw terminal, for contactors 3RT15
66693RH1921-1CA10SiemensFront-side auxiliary switch, 1 NO1
34423RH1921-1EA11Siemensfirst lateral auxiliary switch 1 NO, 1 NC, screw terminal, for contactors 3RT12
34433RH1921-1FA11SiemensAttachable block, 2-pole, 1 NO + 1 NC12
34453RH1921-1MA11SiemensAuxiliary switch block, 1 NO + 1 NC6
58473RH2122-1AB00SiemensKontaktor S00 2NO 2NC 24VAC2
80073RH2122-2BB40SiemensKontaktor S00 2NO 2NC 24VDC2
100623RH2131-1AB00SiemensContactor relay, 3NO + 1NC, 24VAC9
100633RH2131-1AP00SiemensContactor relay 3NO + 1NC, 230VAC5
87913RH2131-1BB40SiemensKontaktor relay 3NO 1NC 24VDC1
75393RH2140-1AP00SiemensKontaktkor Relay 4NO 220VAC5
61643RH2911-1AA01SiemensAuxiliary 1NC Connection from top for 3RH and 3RT1
87923RH2911-1AA10SiemensAux. 1NO Current path 1NO Connection from top for 3RH and 3RT12
70773RH2911-1GA22SiemensAuxiliary switch on the front, 2 NO + 2 NC3
87933RH2911-1GA40SiemensAux. 4NO Current path 1NO, 1NO, 1NO, 1NO for contactor relays Size S005
34513RH2911-1HA11SiemensAuxiliary switch on the front, 1 NO + 1 NC19
59463RH2911-1HA22SiemensAuxiliary 2NO 2NC Current path 1 NC, 1 NC, 1 NO, 1 NO5
67973RH2911-1XA22-0MA0SiemensAuxiliary 2NO 2NC Current path 1NO 1 NC 1NC 1NO for 3RH and 3RT10
58503RH2914-2GP11SiemensCoupling link for front-end mounting to AC, DC, AC/DC Contactors, 3RT2 S00-S3, 24VDC Control, Spring-type terminal1
34553RH5921-1CA01SiemensAUX. switch block , 15
34563RH5921-1CA10SiemensAUX. switch block , 1 NO1
67763RH5921-1DA11SiemensAUX 1NO 1NC6
34583RH5921-1FA22SiemensMounting block,4 pole ,2NO+2NC6
34623RH6911-1DA11SiemensLateral AUX. switch block, for motor contactors 1 NO + 1 NC, size S00226
34663RH6911-1HA22SiemensAUX. switch block , 2 NO + 2 NC15
34693RH6921-1DA11SiemensLateral AUX. switch block, for motor contactors 1 NO + 1 NC, size S034
93643RK1400-1DQ00-0AA3 - SiemensSiemensAS-i compact module K60 digital 4 DI/4 DQ, IP67 4 x input, maximum 200 mA 4 x output, 2A, 24VDC maximal 4A for all outputs 8 x M12 socket Y-II assignment1
34703RN1010-2CW00SiemensThermistor motor protection Standard evaluation unit AUTO, 1 NO + 1 NC, 24-240 V AC/DC Spring-type terminal1
61833RN2012-1BW30SiemensMotor protection relay Standard evaluation unit 22.5 mm enclosure screw terminal 2CO contacts US = 24V-240VAC/DC2
34803RT1015-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC 24VAC
34813RT1015-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO 110VAC
34823RT1015-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC 110VAC
34863RT1015-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC 220VAC
34893RT1015-1BB44-3MA0SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 2NO 2NC 24VDC SUVA Applications3
34903RT1016-1AB01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 24VAC1
34913RT1016-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 24VAC
34953RT1016-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 220VAC
35023RT1017-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 24VAC
35033RT1017-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 110VAC
35053RT1017-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 220VAC5
35083RT1017-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 24VDC2
35103RT1023-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 110VAC
35123RT1023-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 220VAC1
35153RT1024-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 110VAC
35183RT1024-1AG20SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 110VAC 50/60Hz
35223RT1024-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 24VDC
35233RT1024-1BB44SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 2NO 2NC 24VDC10
35263RT1025-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 220VAC
35333RT1026-1BB44SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 2NO 2NC 24VDC1
35363RT1034-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 110VAC
35423RT1035-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW 110VAC
35453RT1035-1AP04SiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC1
35473RT1035-1BB44SiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW 2NO 2NC 24VDC2
35573RT1046-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 45kW 110VAC1
35623RT1046-3AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 45kW 220VAC Spring Type Terminal1
35633RT1054-1AF36SiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC6
35653RT1054-1AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC10
35663RT1054-6AB36SiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 2NO 2NC 23-26VAC1
70103RT1055-6AF36SiemensMPCB S6 3P 75kW 2NO 2NC5
35683RT1055-6AM36SiemensKontaktor 3P 75kW 2NO 2NC 200-220VAC2
35703RT1055-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 75kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC4
90003RT1056-6AF36SiemensPower contactor, AC-3 185A, 90kW / 400VAC (50-60 Hz) / DC operation 110-127 VUC
Aux. 2NO 2NC 3P Size S6
35733RT1065-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 132kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC4
35763RT1075-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 200kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC2
88653RT1076-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 250kW 2NO 2NC 400VAC6
35793RT1926-1BB00SiemensVaristor, 24 ... 48 V AC, 24 ... 70 V DC surge suppressor6
67663RT1954-6ASiemensKontak point for 3RT105410
35803RT1956-4EA1SiemensTerminal cover for busbar connections7
97753RT1964-6ASiemensReplacement contact pieces for 3RT1064 consists of 3 movable and 6 fixed contacts with mounting parts6
35813RT2015-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO 220VAC
87953RT2015-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC 230VAC8
35823RT2015-1BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO 24VDC
35833RT2015-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC 24VDC70
73403RT2015-2BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO 24VDC14
60893RT2016-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 110VAC5
61953RT2016-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 230VAC
61963RT2016-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4K 1NC 230VAC12
61973RT2016-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 24VDC
35883RT2016-2AB01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 24VAC
35893RT2016-2AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 24VAC3
97763RT2017-1AF01SiemensContactor, AC-3e/AC-3, 12 A, 5.5kW 400V, 3P 110VAC, Auxiliary 1NO9
70003RT2017-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 110VAC4
70033RT2017-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5 kW 1NO 230VAC56
88673RT2017-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 230VAC3
35903RT2017-1BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 5,5kW 1NO 24VDC36
87963RT2017-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 12A 5.5kW 1NC 24VDC24
67993RT2018-1AF01Siemenskontaktor 3P 7.5KW 1NO 110VAC8
70043RT2018-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5KW 1NC 110VAC3
81003RT2018-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 230VAC61
80993RT2018-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NC 230VAC7
90013RT2018-1BB41SiemensPower contactor, 3P AC-3 16A 7.5kW 1NO, 24VDC S007
90023RT2018-1BB42SiemensPower contactor 3P AC-3 16A, 7.5kW 1NC 24VDC10
80063RT2018-2BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 16A 7.5kW 1NO 24VDC3
99133RT2023-1AB00SiemensPower contactor, 3P AC-3e/AC-3, 9A, 4kW 400V 24VAC 1NO 1NC5
35923RT2023-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC12
35943RT2023-1AG20SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC13
60773RT2023-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 220/230VAC74
70053RT2023-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC13
69963RT2023-2BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC1
67683RT2024-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC9
70063RT2024-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC1
35963RT2024-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5,5kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC50
70073RT2024-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC23
67693RT2025-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC3
88603RT2025-1AD00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 42VAC1
67713RT2025-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC24
35973RT2025-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7,5kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC71
35983RT2025-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 7,5kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC11
61653RT2026-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC
36003RT2026-1AC20SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC2
67983RT2026-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 1kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC22
36013RT2026-1AG20SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 110AC3
61663RT2026-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC
100693RT2027-1AP04SiemensPower contactor, AC-3e/AC-3, 32A, 15kW / 400V, 3P 230VAC, 50 Hz, Aux. 2NO + 2NC10
61903RT2027-1AV00SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 400VAC4
70793RT2027-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC13
36053RT2027-1BB44SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 2NO 2NC 24VDC2
36063RT2027-2AG20SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO NC 110VAC1
89863RT2028-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 38A 18.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC23
70803RT2035-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC5
99093RT2035-1AP00SiemensPower contactor, 3P AC-3e/AC-3, 41A, 18.5kW 400V 230VAC 1NO 1NC5
98383RT2035-1KB40SiemensContactor, AC-3e/AC-3, 41A, 18.5kW 400V, 3P, 24VDC 1NO + 1NC5
70083RT2036-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC9
70013RT2036-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC7
69913RT2036-1AP04SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 2NO 2NC 230VAC10
77103RT2036-1KB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC5
61693RT2036-3AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC
61683RT2037-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC
36073RT2037-1AN24SiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC2
97783RT2037-1KB40SiemensContactor, AC-3e/AC-3, 65A, 30kW 400V, 3P, 24VDC, Auxiliary 1NO + 1NC, screw terminal suitable for 2 A PLC outputs5
71803RT2038-1KB40SiemensKontaktor contactor 3P 37kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC11
1002373RT2038-3AP00SiemensKontaktor AC-3e/AC-3, 80A, 37kW 400V, 3P, 230VAC, Aux. 1NO + 1NC, S24
69833RT2046-1AP04SiemensKontaktor 3P 45kW 2NO 2NC 230VAC4
36083RT2047-1AP60SiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC2
36103RT2628-1AP05SiemensKontaktor Kapasitor 33kVar 1NO 2NC 220VAC75
36123RT2636-1AP03SiemensKontaktor Kapasitor 50kVar 1NO 1NC 220VAC60
100053RT2916-1BD00SiemensSurge suppressor, varistor, 127-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 150-250VDC, for contactors 3RT2.1 and aux.contactors 3RH25
73503RT2926-1BB00SiemensSurge suppressor 24-48VAC / 24-70VDC2
100743RT2927-2PA01SiemensAux. switch, ON-delay, 1-30 s, 1NO + 1NC, for mounting to contactors 3RT2024
36153RT5034-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 110VAC
36163RT5034-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 220VAC
36173RT5034-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 24VDC5
36183RT5035-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 110VAC
36193RT5035-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 220VAC
70213RT5035-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW AC380V5
36203RT5035-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 24VDC5
60923RT5036-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 24VAC6
36213RT5036-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 110VAC
36223RT5036-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 220VAC
70223RT5036-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW AC380V3
36233RT5036-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 24VDC6
36243RT5044-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 110VAC
36253RT5044-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 220VAC
36263RT5044-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 24VDC7
36273RT5045-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 37kW 110VAC
36283RT5045-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 37kW 220VAC
36293RT5045-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 37kW 24VDC10
36313RT5046-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 45kW 110VAC
62053RT5046-1AG20SiemensKontaktor 3P 45KW AC110V4
36323RT5046-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 45kW 220VAC
36333RT5046-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 45kW 24VDC6
36343RT5054-1AF36SiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC
36373RT5055-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 75kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC8
62063RT5056-6AF36SiemensKontaktor 3P 90kW 2NO 2NC 400VAC6
36383RT5056-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 90kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC10
89883RT5064-6AF36SiemensKontaktor 110...127 VUC AC3 110kW 400VAC (50...60 Hz) / DC operation auxiliary contacts 2 NO + 2 NC 3-pole, size S103
36393RT5064-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 110kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC5
97793RT5065-6AF36SiemensContactor 110-127 VAC/DC AC3 132kW 400 VAC / DC, 2NO + 2NC, 3P size S103
36403RT5065-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 132kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC1
74643RT5066-6AF36SiemensKontaktor 3P 160kW 2NO 2NC 110VAc3
36413RT5066-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 160kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC3
36423RT5075-6AP36SiemensKontaktor 3P 200kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC8
62073RT6015-1AB01SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO AC24V7
62083RT6015-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC AC24V

62093RT6015-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO AC110V
62103RT6015-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC AC110V
59093RT6015-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NO AC230V21
62113RT6015-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC AC230V
62123RT6015-1BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kw 1NO 24VAC
62133RT6015-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 3kW 1NC 24VAC
59553RT6016-1AB01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO AC24V2
36453RT6016-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 24VAC
36463RT6016-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 110VAC
36473RT6016-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 110VAC
36493RT6016-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 220VAC9
77793RT6016-1AQ01SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 380VAC5
77803RT6016-1AQ02SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 380VAC5
67603RT6016-1BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 24VDC11
36503RT6016-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NC 24VDC12
36513RT6017-1AB01SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 24VAC
59433RT6017-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC AC24V9
36533RT6017-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 110VAC
36543RT6017-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 110VAC
36553RT6017-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 220VAC
36583RT6017-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 220VAC
75723RT6017-1AQ01SiemensKontaktor 3P 5,5kW 1NO 380VAC4
77813RT6017-1AQ02SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 380VAC5
36593RT6017-1BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 24VDC5
36603RT6017-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NC 24VDC5
36613RT6018-1AB01SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 24VAC
36623RT6018-1AB02SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NC 24VAC
36633RT6018-1AF01SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 110VAC
36643RT6018-1AF02SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NC 110VAC
36653RT6018-1AP01SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 220VAC
36663RT6018-1AP02SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NC 220VAC
77823RT6018-1AQ01SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 380VAC5
77833RT6018-1AQ02SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NC 380VAC5
36673RT6018-1BB41SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 24VDC
36683RT6018-1BB42SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NC 24VDC8
36693RT6023-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC3
36703RT6023-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC40
36713RT6023-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC
77843RT6023-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC8
36723RT6023-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC8
36733RT6024-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC8
36743RT6024-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC
36753RT6024-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC33
77853RT6024-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 5.5kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC5
36773RT6025-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC7
60913RT6025-1AC20SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC1
36783RT6025-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC6
36793RT6025-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC41
77863RT6025-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 7,5kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC5
36803RT6025-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 7.5kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC19
36813RT6026-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC1
36823RT6026-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC
36843RT6026-1AP00SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC
77873RT6026-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC7
36853RT6026-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC2
36863RT6027-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC10
36873RT6027-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC50
36903RT6027-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC9
36913RT6028-1AB00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC7
36923RT6028-1AF00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC
77893RT6028-1AQ00SiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC6
36943RT6028-1BB40SiemensKontaktor 3P 18,5kW 1NO 1NC 24VDC
36953RU1116-0DB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.22 - 0.32A2
36963RU1116-1AB0SiemensOverload Relay 1,1-1,6A1
36993RU1116-1HB0SiemensOverload relay 5,5-8A3
37003RU1116-1JB0SiemensOverload relay 7-10A1
37013RU1116-1KB0SiemensOverload relay 9-12,5 A3
37033RU1126-1FB0SiemensOverload Relay 3,5-5A10
37053RU1126-4CB0SiemensOverload Relay 17-22A2
58553RU2116-1AB1SiemensOverload relay 1.1-1.6A1
58563RU2116-1BB0SiemensOverload relay 1.4-2.0A1
61853RU2116-1CB0SiemensOverload relay 1.8-2.5A2
1002543RU2116-1FB0SiemensOverload relay 3.5-5.0A S00 Class 105
58193RU2136-4DB0SiemensOverload relay 18-25A1
89893RU2136-4KB0SiemensOverload relay 62...73A S2 Class 10A1
68383RU5136-1HB0SiemensOverload Relay 5,5-8A19
77903RU5136-1JB0SiemensOverload Relay 7-10A20
77913RU5136-1KB0SiemensOverload Relay 9-12.5A20
77923RU5136-4EB0SiemensOverload Relay 22-32A28
77933RU5136-4FB0SiemensOverload Relay 28-40A11
73043RU5136-4GB0SiemensOverload relay 36-45A9
72113RU5136-4HB0SiemensOverload relay 40-50A7
98203RU5146-4EB0SiemensOverload relay 22...32 A size S2, class 101
62143RU5146-4FB0SiemensOverload relay 28-40A21
67893RU5146-4HB0SiemensOverload relay 36-50A10
70903RU5146-4JB0SiemensOverload Relay 45-63A5
70913RU5146-4KB0SiemensOverload Relay 57-75A6
77943RU5146-4LB0SiemensOverload Relay 70-90A18
70253RU5156-3JB2SiemensOverload relay 110-135A3
70273RU5156-3LB2SiemensOverload relay 135-160A3
70283RU5156-3MB2SiemensOverload relay 150-180A3
70293RU5166-5FB1SiemensOverload relay 180-250A2
70303RU5166-5GB1SiemensOverload relay 220-320A2
77953RU5176-5HB1SiemensOverload Relay 280-400A2
77963RU5176-5JB1SiemensOverload Relay 350-500A2
77973RU6116-0AB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.11-0.16A19
77983RU6116-0BB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.14-0.20A20
77993RU6116-0CB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.18-0.25A19
78003RU6116-0DB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.22-0.32A20
78013RU6116-0EB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.28-0.40A20
78023RU6116-0GB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.45-0.63A18
78033RU6116-0HB0SiemensOverload Relay 0.55-0.80A20
54843RU6116-0JB0SiemensOverload relay 0.70-1.0A15
72833RU6116-0KB0SiemensOverload relay 0.90-1.25A1
75533RU6116-1AB0SiemensOverload Relay 1,1-1,6A18
73053RU6116-1BB0SiemensOverload relay 1.4-2.0A11
62443RU6116-1CB0SiemensOverload relay 1.8-2.5A21
69313RU6116-1DB0SiemensOverload Relay 2,2-3,2A13
62663RU6116-1EB0SiemensOverload relay 2.8-4.0A44
77753RU6116-1FB0SiemensOverload Relay 3.5-5A9
37163RU6116-1GB0SiemensOverload relay 4,5-6,3A11
37173RU6116-1HB0SiemensOverload Relay 5,5-8A S0014
59123RU6116-1JB0SiemensOverload relay 7.0-10A10
37193RU6116-1KB0SiemensOverload Relay 9-12,5A S0010
37203RU6116-4AB0SiemensOverload Relay 11-16A S0012
62493RU6126-1CB0SiemensOverload relay 1.8-2.5A10
60463RU6126-1DB0SiemensOverload relay 2.2-3.2A5
62153RU6126-1EB0SiemensOverload relay 2.8-4.0A4
62163RU6126-1FB0SiemensOverload relay 3.5-5.0A14
62173RU6126-1GB0SiemensOverload relay 4.5-6.3A15
69453RU6126-1HB0SiemensOverload relay 5.5-8.0A22
62183RU6126-1JB0SiemensOverload relay 7.0-10A23
88003RU6126-1KB0SiemensOverload relay 9.0-12.5A23
62193RU6126-4BB0SiemensOverload relay 14-20A19
66463RU6126-4CB0SiemensOverload relay 17-22A30
57593RU6126-4DB0SiemensOverload relay 20-25A25
69463RU6126-4EB0SiemensOverload relay 27-32A36
78043RU6126-4FB0SiemensOverload Relay 34-40A13
78053RU6126-4NB0SiemensOverload Relay 3-28A18
62643RU6126-4PB0SiemensOverload relay 30-36A8
88013RU6916-3AA01SiemensStand-alone installation size S00, for 3RU65
37223RV1011-0AA10SiemensMPCB S00 0,11-0,16A Class 104
80103RV1011-0EA10SiemensMPCB S00 0.28-0.4A Class 1013
80093RV1011-0GA10SiemensMPCB S00 0.45-0.63A Class 109
88643RV1011-1EA15SiemensMPCB S00 2.8-4A 1NO 1NC Class 107
37323RV1011-1FA10SiemensMPCB S00 3,5-5A Class 1017
37333RV1011-1FA15SiemensMPCB S00 3,5-5A 1NO 1NC Class 101
37353RV1011-1GA10SiemensMPCB S00 4,5-6,3A Class 1010
37393RV1011-1KA10SiemensMPCB S00 9-12A Class 107
37403RV1021-0DA10SiemensMPCB S0 0,22-0,32A Class 1010
37413RV1021-0HA10SiemensMPCB S0 0,55-0,80A Class 108
37463RV1021-1DA10SiemensMPCB S0 2,2-3,2A Class 101
37493RV1021-1HA10SiemensMPCB S0 5,5-8A Class 101
37523RV1021-1KA10SiemensMPCB S0 9-12,5A Class 101
37543RV1021-4AA10SiemensMPCB S0 11-16A Class 101
37573RV1021-4CA10SiemensMPCB S0 17-22A Class 108
37653RV1041-4FA10SiemensMPCB S3 28-40A Class 104
37683RV1041-4LA10SiemensMPCB S3 70-90A Class 101
37753RV1902-1AB4SiemensUndervoltage Release 24VDC2
37763RV1902-1DF0SiemensShunt Release 90-110VAC3
37773RV1921-1MSiemensSignalling Switch for MPCB14
58603RV2011-0CA10SiemensMPCB S00 A-release 0.18-0.25A N-release 3.3 A Class 1018
75403RV2011-0EA15SiemensMPCB S00 0,28-4A 1NO 1NC Class 105
58653RV2011-0JA10SiemensMPCB S00 0.7-1A N-release 13 A Class 108
37803RV2011-0JA15SiemensMPCB S00 0,7-1A 1NO 1NC Class 101
37813RV2011-0KA10SiemensMPCB S00 0,9-1,25A Class 1028
58663RV2011-1AA10SiemensMPCB S00 A-release 1.1-1.6A N-release 21A Class 1011
37843RV2011-1BA10SiemensMPCB S00 1,4-2A Class 10
37853RV2011-1BA15SiemensMPCB S00 1,4-2A 1NO 1NC Class 107
37863RV2011-1CA10SiemensMPCB S00 1,8-2,5A Class 103
37873RV2011-1CA15SiemensMPCB S00 1,8-2,5A 1NO 1NC Class 109
37883RV2011-1DA10SiemensMPCB S00 2,2-3,2A Class 108
37903RV2011-1EA10SiemensMPCB S00 2.8-4A CLASS 1013
37923RV2011-1FA10SiemensMPCB S00 3,5-5A Class 1018
37943RV2011-1GA10SiemensMPCB S00 4,5-6,3A Class 1011
37953RV2011-1HA10SiemensMPCB S00 5,5-8A Class 1025
37963RV2011-1HA15SiemensMPCB S00 5,5-8A 1NO 1NC Class 109
58693RV2011-1JA10SiemensMPCB S00 A-release 7-10A N release 130A Class 1041
61933RV2011-1KA10SiemensMPCB S00 A-release 9-12A N-release 163A Class 1015
58703RV2011-4AA10SiemensMPCB S00 A-release 10-16 A N-release 208A Class 10
67723RV2021-0CA10SiemensKontaktor 3.3A1
59883RV2021-0FA10SiemensMPCB 0.35-0.5A Class 104
60903RV2021-0JA20SiemensMPCB 0.7 - 1 A Class 101
60873RV2021-0KA10SiemensMPCB 0.9-1.25A Class 105
38013RV2021-1AA10SiemensMPCB S0 1.1-1.6A Class 1019
73373RV2021-1BA10SiemensMPCB S0 26A Class 1015
38023RV2021-1CA10SiemensMPCB S0 1.8-2.5A Class 1025
59393RV2021-1DA10SiemensMPCB 2.2-3.2A Class 1023
38033RV2021-1EA10SiemensMPCB S0 2.8-4A Class 1010
38053RV2021-1FA10SiemensMPCB S0 3.5-5A Class 1020
38073RV2021-1GA10SiemensMPCB S0 4.5-6.3A Class 109
38093RV2021-1HA10SiemensMPCB S0 5.5-8A Class 1010
38103RV2021-1JA10SiemensMPCB S0 7-10A Class 105
38113RV2021-1KA10SiemensMPCB S0 9-12.5A Class 1015
38133RV2021-4AA10SiemensMPCB S0 10-16A Class 1021
61783RV2021-4BA10SiemensMPCB S0 13-20A Class 1012
67733RV2021-4CA10SiemensKontaktor S0 Class10 286A13
38143RV2021-4DA10SiemensMPCB S0 18-25A Class 107
77123RV2021-4FA15SiemensMPCB SO 34-40A 1NO 1NC Class 101
1002433RV2031-4BA10SiemensMPCB S2 14-20A Class 105
69923RV2031-4DA10SiemensMPCB S2 18-25A Class 101
60863RV2041-4JA10SiemensMPCB 45-63A Class 1011
70153RV2331-4VC10SiemensMPCB S2 650A2
38173RV2411-0FA15SiemensMPCB S00 0.35-0.5A 1NO 1NC3
71813RV2411-0HA10SiemensMPCB S00 16A4
58733RV2411-1AA10SiemensMPCB S00 for transformer protection A-release 1.1-1.6A N-release 33A6
58763RV2411-1FA10SiemensMPCB S00 3.5-5A N-release 104A1
58773RV2411-1GA10SiemensMPCB S00 4.5...6.3A N release 130A1
38183RV2411-1HA15SiemensMPCB S00 5.5-8A 1NO 1NC1
58783RV2411-1JA10SiemensMPCB S00 for transformer protection A-release 7-10A N-release 208A5
38193RV2901-1ASiemensKontak Bantu 1NO 1NC untuk Motor Circuit Breaker 3RV220
59403RV2901-1BSiemensAux. Switch 2NO For Circuit Breaker 3RV29
38203RV2901-1CSiemensKontak Bantu 2NC untuk Motor Circuit Breaker 3RV23
38233RV2901-1ESiemensAux.1NO 1NC untuk MCB 3RV260
38243RV2901-1FSiemensAux. 2NO untuk MCB 3RV21
100773RV5031-4EA10SiemensMCCB 22...32A class 10, short-circuit release 416 A, screw terminal standard switching capacity SIRIUS5
38253RV5031-4FA10SiemensMPCB 28-40A class 103
38263RV5031-4HA10SiemensMPCB 40-50A class 105
38273RV5041-4JA10SiemensMPCB 45-63A class 101
38283RV5041-4KA10SiemensMPCB 57-75A Class 104
38293RV5041-4LA10SiemensMPCB 70-90A class 10, short-circuit release 1170A1
91243RV5331-4GC10 - SiemensSiemensMPCB 45A, for starter combination, short-circuit release 585A3
78063RV5341-4JC10SiemensMPCB 63A3
38343RV5901-1ASiemensAux. S2, S3 1NO 1NC11
38353RV5901-1ESiemensAux. S2, S3 1NO 1NC20
93753RV5921-1M - SiemensSiemensSignalling switch for 3RV5 for circuit breakers 3RV6 with screw connection size S2, S35
97823RV6011-0CA10SiemensMPCB 0.18-0.25 A, N-release 3.3 A39
97833RV6011-0FA10SiemensMPCB 0.35-0.5A, N-release 6.5 A for motor protection, class 102
93733RV6011-0GA10 - SiemensSiemens16
38363RV6011-0HA10SiemensMPCB 0.55-0.8A class 1017
38383RV6011-0KA10SiemensMPCB 0.9-1.25A class 103
38403RV6011-1AA10SiemensMPCB 1.1-1.6A class 1044
97843RV6011-1BA10SiemensMPCB 2A A-release 1.4-2A, N-release 26A, for motor protection, class 108
38423RV6011-1CA10SiemensMPCB 1.8-2.5A class 1013
38443RV6011-1DA10SiemensMPCB 2.2-3.2A class 1030
38463RV6011-1FA10SiemensMPCB 3.5-5A class 1016
38473RV6011-1GA10SiemensMPCB 4.5-6.3A class 1017
81133RV6011-1GA15SiemensMPCB 4.5-6.3A 1NO 1NC7
38483RV6011-1HA10SiemensMPCB 5.5-8A class 1012
38493RV6011-1JA10SiemensMPCB 7-10A class 1025
38513RV6011-1JA15SiemensMPCB 7-10A 1NO 1NC class 105
38503RV6011-1KA10SiemensMPCB 9-12.5A class 1011
38523RV6021-4AA10SiemensMPCB 11-16A class 1010
38543RV6021-4BA10SiemensMPCB 14-20A class 1017
38553RV6021-4CA10SiemensMPCB 17-22A class 104
38563RV6021-4DA10SiemensMPCB 20-25A class 101
91303RV6311-1BC10SiemensMPCB 26A9
91343RV6311-1JC10SiemensMPCB 7-10 A, N-release 130A7
91363RV6311-4AC10SiemensMPCB 208A17
97853RV6321-4FC10SiemensMPCB 32A, N-release 400A2
38583RV6901-1ASiemensAux. size S00, S0 for circuit breakers 1NO 1NC143
38593RV6901-1ESiemensAux. size S00, S0 for circuit breakers 1NO 1NC45
38603RV6901-1FSiemensAux. size S00, S0 for circuit breakers 2NO10
93763RV6921-1MSiemensSignalling switch for 3RV6 for circuit breakers 3RV6 with screw connection size S00, S057
38623SB3000-0AA41SiemensPush button 22mm with flat button holder Green5
38633SB3000-1HA20SiemensPlastic round actuator emergency stop 22MM Mushroom 40MM46
38643SB3000-2DA11SiemensSelector switch 22mm round, Plastic, Black, Selector switch, short, 3 switch positions I-O-II5
38653SB3000-2EA11SiemensSelector switch 22mm, round, Plastic, Black, Selector switch, short, 3 switch positions I-O-II22
38663SB3000-2HA11SiemensToggle switch 22mm Black, knob, short, 2switch positions O-I4
38673SB3001-6BA20SiemensIndicator light 22mm Red lens with concentric rings with holder10
38683SB3101-8BC21SiemensIlluminated dual pushbutton 22mm Green: I, Red: O37
38693SB3201-0AA21SiemensPushbutton 22mm 1NO 1NC1
38703SB3201-0AA41SiemensPushbutton 22mm 1NO 1NC Green7
38713SB3201-1HA20SiemensPush button 40mm Yellow1
76953SB3201-4AD11SiemensSelector Switch with Key1
38743SB3202-0AA31SiemensPlastic round complete unit combination 22mm: Push button with flat button screw terminal 1NO3
38753SB3202-0AA41SiemensPushbutton 22mm Green1
38823SB3245-0AA31SiemensIlluminted Push Button Plastic Kuning 24VAC/VDC (Tanpa Aux)24
38843SB3247-0AA41SiemensIlluminated pushbutton 22mm 1NO 1NC4
38853SB3251-0AA21SiemensIlluminated Pushbutton 1NO 1NC2
38863SB3251-0AA31SiemensIlluminated Pushbutton 1NO 1NC3
38873SB3251-0AA41SiemensIlluminated pushbutton 1NO 1NC3
38883SB3252-6BA30SiemensIlluminated 230VAC1
38893SB3255-0AA21SiemensIlluminated pushbutton 1NO 1NC5
38913SB3400-0ASiemensContact block with 2 contact elements 1NO 1NC4
38943SB3400-0DSiemensContact block with 2 contact elements 2NO12
38963SB3400-0ESiemensContact block with 2 contact elements 2NC21
38973SB3400-1ASiemensIndicator component lamp2
38983SB3400-1PCSiemensIndicator component with LED 24VAC/DC53
38993SB3403-0ASiemensIndicator Component Contact Block 1NO 1NC40
39003SB3403-0CSiemensIndicator Component Block with 1NC85
39013SB3608-2TA11SiemensSwitch Heavy Duty Momentary type 3 switch4
39023SB3752-6BA20SiemensLow cost program 22MM with LED 230VAC RED68
39033SB3752-6BA30SiemensLow cost 22mm with LED 230VAC Yellow56
39043SB3752-6BA40SiemensLow cost 22mm with LED 230VAC Green48
39053SB3901-0ABSiemensSpare part for plastic 22MM33
39063SB3901-0ACSiemensAccessory / Spare part for plastic / metal program round 22MM29
39073SB3925-0AVSiemensIndicator Label holder6
59073SB6160-0AB20-1CA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm 1NC red105
70193SB6160-1HB20-1CA0SiemensPush button 22mm Red130
59063SB6160-1HD20-1CA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm 1NC red36
58953SB6160-2AA10-1BA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm 1NO Black
58963SB6160-2AM10-1NA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm 2NO Black30
59053SB6163-0DB30-1BA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm LED 24VAC/DC 1NO Yellow128
59033SB6163-0DB40-1BA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm LED 24VAC/DC 1NO Green130
59043SB6163-0DB60-1BA0SiemensComplete unit combination 22mm LED 24VAC/DC 1NO White134
59003SB6213-6AA50-1AA0SiemensCompact pilot light 22mm LED 24VAC/DC Blue130
39083SB6215-6AA20-1AA0SiemensPilot light 22mm LED 110VAC/DC Red4
58973SB6216-6AA20-1AA0SiemensCompact pilot light 22mm LED 220VAC Red105
58983SB6216-6AA30-1AA0SiemensCompact pilot light 22mm LED 220VAC Yellow112
58993SB6216-6AA40-1AA0SiemensCompact pilot light 22mm LED 220VAC Green97
67773SB6400-1AA10-1BA0SiemensContact blocks 1NO133
67853SB6400-1AA10-1CA0SiemensContact block 1NC80
39093SE2230-0CSiemensPosition switch enclosed degree of protection IP65 1N0 1NC16
39123SE5122-0CH50SiemensPosition switch Metal enclosure 56mm 1NO/1NC5
39133SE5122-0CH82SiemensPosition switch Metal enclosure 56mm 1NO/1NC5
39143SE5132-0CJ50SiemensPosition switch Plastic enclosure 40mm 1NO/1NC1
39153SE5232-0HD03SiemensPosition switch Plastic enclosure according to EN 50047, 31mm 1NO/1NC1
39163SE5232-0HE10SiemensPosition switch Plastic enclosure according to EN 50047, 3 mm 1NO/1NC5
39173SE5250-0BC05SiemensPosition switch Plastic enclosure open type 30 mm 1NO/1NC18
93663SU1001-6AA40-0AA0SiemensIndicator lights, 22mm, Green4
75773SU1002-2BF10-0AA0SiemensIlluminated Selector Switch Dia 22mm Plastic Black 2 Posisi2
61893SU1051-0AB40-0AA0Siemenslluminated pushbutton 22mm Green4
70163SU1100-0AB10-1BA0SiemensPushbutton 22mm black2
69943SU1100-0AB20-1BA0SiemensPushbutton 22mm 1NC Red3
69933SU1100-0AB20-1CA0SiemensPushbutton 22mm 1NC Red1
98443SU1106-0AB20-1FA0SiemensIlluminated pushbutton, 22mm Red 1NO+1NC LED 230VAC1
68003SU1106-0AB40-1FA0SiemensIlluminated pushbutton 22mm Hijau 1NO 1NC LED2
71763SU1400-1AA10-1BA0SiemensContact module 1NO21
70133SU1400-1AA10-1CA0SiemensContact module 1NC1
58823SU1500-0AA10-0AA0SiemensHolder 3Way16
61913SU1550-0AA10-0AA0SiemensHolder 3-way metal minimum order quantity 5 or a multiple thereof4
45633TF3101-0XSiemensKontaktor 3P 5,5kW 1NC1
45663TF3211-0XSiemensKontaktor 3P 7,5kW 1NO 1NC2
45673TF3311-0XSiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC6
45713TF4011-1XB4SiemensKontakto 4kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC1
45723TF4022-0XSiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 2NO 2NC2
45733TF4022-1XB4SiemensKontaktor 4kW 2NO 2NC 24VAC1
45743TF4111-0XSiemensKontaktor 3P 5,5kW 1NO 1NC
45753TF4122-0XSiemensKontaktor 3P 5,5kW 2NO 2NC1
39193TH2022-0AK6SiemensContactor relay 2NO 2NC 120VAC5
39203TH2022-0AP0SiemensContactor relay 2NO 2NC 230VAC1
39213TH2040-0AP0SiemensContactor relay 4NO 230VAC5
78073TH4253-0XF0SiemensKontaktor Relay 6A 5NO 3NC 110VAC1
39283TH8271-0XP0SiemensCont. relay 7NO 1NC AC15 DC135
39293TH8280-0XP0SiemensCont. relay 8NO AC1 DC133
39303TK2801-0DB4SiemensKontaktor safety 1NO 1NO DC24V2
59163TS2910-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 2.2kW 1NO 220VAC
39313TS3101-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NC 24VAC5
39323TS3101-0AF0SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NC 110VAC5
39333TS3101-0AP0SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NC 230VAC5
39343TS3110-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NO 24VAC1
39353TS3110-0AF0SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NC 110VAC5
59183TS3110-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NO 220VAC7
39363TS3110-0AP0SiemensKontaktor 5.5kW 1NO 230VAC3
62203TS3201-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 7.5kW 1NC 24VAC10
62213TS3201-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 7.5kW 1NC 110VAC
62223TS3201-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 7.5kW 1NC 220VAC
62233TS3201-0AQ0SiemensKontaktor 7.5kW 1NC 380VAC5
62243TS3210-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 7.5kW 1NO 24VAC10
62253TS3210-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 7.5 kW 1NO 110VAC7
39373TS3300-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 11kW Aux. Contacts: none size1 24VAC3
39383TS3300-0AF0SiemensKontaktor 11Kw Aux. contact: none size1 110VAC5
62283TS3311-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 11kW 1NO 1NC 24VAC10
62293TS3311-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 11kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC3
62313TS3311-0AQ0SiemensKontaktor 11kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC5
39403TS3400-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 15Kw Aux. contacts: none size1 24VAC3
39413TS3400-0AF0SiemensKontaktor 15kW Aux.: none size 1110VAC5
39423TS3400-0AP0SiemensKontaktor 15kW Aux. none size1 30VAC
62323TS3411-0AB0SiemensKontaktor 15 kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC10
62333TS3411-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 15kW 1NO 1NC10VAC1
62353TS3411-0AQ0SiemensKontaktor 15kW 1NO 1NC 380VAC3
59223TS3511-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 220VAC 40A 18.5kW 1NO 1NC16
62993TS3611-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 3P 22kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC3
70343TS4722-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 30kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC 40V 65A10
53783TS4822-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 37kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC
62363TS4822-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 37kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC7
55083TS4922-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 45kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC4
39443TS5022-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 55kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC6
39463TS5222-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 90KW 2NO 2NC 220VAC1
62393TS5222-0AQ2SiemensKontaktor 90KW 2NO 2NC 380VAC9
63053TS5322-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 3P 110kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC1
63073TS5322-0AQ2SiemensKontaktor 3P 110kW 2NO 2NC 380VAC3
62653TS5422-0AN2SiemensKontaktor 132KW 2NO 2NC3
70363TS5422-0AQ2SiemensKontaktor 132KW 2NO 2NC 380VAC 400V 250A3
70383TS5522-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 160KW 2NO 2NC 10VAC 400V 300A3
70393TS5522-0AQ2SiemensKontaktor 160KW 2NO 2NC 380VAC 400V 300A3
70203TS5622-0AG2SiemensKontaktor 200KW 2NO 2NC AC3400V1
59443TX3001-8ASiemensAuxiliary 1NC27
39523TX7466-1ASiemensLocking device for mechanical interlocking 2 contactors same size and max. 2 sizes Difference for 3TD44 02-3TD54 02 and 3TF44-3TF553
45893TY7403-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF30-33,3TF40-43,3TH3-3TH4 AC 24V 50 Hz 29V 60Hz13
45903TY7403-0XD0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF30-33,3TF40-43,3TH3-3TH4 AC 42 V 50Hz, 50V 60Hz13
45923TY7403-0XH0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF30-33,3TF40-43,3TH3-3TH4 AC 48 V 50Hz, 58V 60Hz10
45953TY7403-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF30-33,3TF40-43,3TH3-3TH4 AC 230 V 50Hz, 277V 60Hz222
45963TY7440-0XSiemensKontaktor spare part contacts and contact bridge for 3TF446
45973TY7443-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF34-35, 3TF44-45 AC 50 Hz 24V; 60Hz 29V6
45983TY7443-0XD0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF34-35, 3TF44-45 AC 50 Hz 42V; 60Hz 50V8
46003TY7443-0XF0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF34-35, 3TF44-45 AC 50 Hz 110V 60Hz 132V25
46023TY7443-0XH0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF34-35, 3TF44-45 AC 50 Hz 48V 60Hz 58V12
46073TY7443-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF34-35, 3TF44-45 AC 50 Hz 230V 60Hz 277V64
46093TY7443-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF34-35, 3TF44-45 AC 50 Hz 380V 60Hz 460V39
46103TY7450-0XSiemensKontaktor spare part contacts and contact bridge for 3TF445
46133TY7463-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF46/4737
46153TY7463-0XF0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF46/478
46173TY7463-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF46/4740
46183TY7463-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF46/4761
46193TY7483-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF48/493
46203TY7483-0XD0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF48/493
46223TY7483-0XF0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF48/4918
46273TY7483-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF48/4941
46283TY7483-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF48/4910
46303TY7503-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF50/51 AC 50 Hz 24V 60 Hz 29V16
46313TY7503-0XD0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF50/51 AC 50 Hz 42V 60Hz 50V6
46333TY7503-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF50/51 AC 50 Hz 230V 60Hz 277V73
46363TY7503-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF50/51 AC 50 Hz 380V 60Hz 460V14
46383TY7523-0XD0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF52/53 AC 42V 50Hz 50V 60Hz6
46413TY7523-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF52/53 AC 230V 50Hz, 277V 60Hz30
46443TY7523-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF52/53 AC 380V 50Hz 460V 60Hz21
46463TY7543-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF54/55 AC 50 Hz 24V 60 Hz 29V9
46473TY7543-0XD0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF54/55 AC 50 Hz 42V 60 Hz 50V9
46493TY7543-0XF0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF54/55 AC 50 Hz 110V 60Hz 132V11
46513TY7543-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF54/55 AC 50 Hz 230V 60 Hz 277V30
46533TY7543-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF54/55 AC 50 Hz 380 V; 60 Hz 460V15
46553TY7561-1AA00SiemensAuxiliary switch block for size 2-143
46563TY7561-1KA00SiemensAuxiliary for size 3-124
46573TY7563-0XB0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF56 AC 50 Hz 24V 60 Hz 29V9
46583TY7563-0XD2SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF56 AC 50/60 Hz 42V9
46593TY7563-0XF0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF56 AC 50 Hz 110V; 60 Hz 132V13
46613TY7563-0XP0SiemensKontaktor spare part coil for 3TF56 AC 50 Hz 230V 60 Hz 277V24
46623TY7563-0XQ0SiemensKontaktor coil for 3TF56 AC 50 Hz 380V 60Hz 460V3
62403TY7591-1ASiemensContactor spare part for 3TS33/344
39533UA5040-0CSiemensOverload relay 0.16-0.25A5
39543UA5040-0ESiemensOverload relay 0.25-0.4A9
39553UA5040-0GSiemensOverload relay 0.4-0.63A2
39563UA5040-0JSiemensOverload relay 0.63-1A1
39603UA5040-1BSiemensOverload relay 1.25-2A11
39673UA5040-1FSiemensOverload relay 3.2-5A1
39683UA5040-1HSiemensOverload relay 5-8A12
39723UA5240-1CSiemensOverload relay 1.6-2.5A17
39733UA5240-1GSiemensOverload relay 2-3.2A3
39743UA5240-1HSiemensOverload relay 5-8A10
39753UA5240-1JSiemensOverload relay 6.3-10A1
39763UA5240-1KSiemensOverload relay 9-12A28
39783UA5240-2BSiemensOverload relay 12.5-20A2
39903UA5840-8WSiemensOverload relay 25-40A3
39923UA6040-2HSiemensOverload relay 55-80A2
39933UA6040-2WSiemensOverload relay 63-90A2
39963UA6040-3HSiemensOverload relay 90-120A1
39973UA6140-3HSiemensOverload relay 90-120A2
39983UA6140-3JSiemensOverload relay 110-135A2
39993UA6140-3KSiemensOverload relay 120-150A1
40043UA6240-3JSiemensOverload relay 110-135A4
40073UA6240-3MSiemensOverload relay 150-180A1
40083UA6640-2KSiemensOverload relay 80-125A1
40133UA6640-3ESiemensOverload relay 250-400A1
68443UF7930-0AA00-0SiemensConnecting cable Length 0.025 m, flat, for connection of basic unit with extension modules via the system interface1
58833UG4512-1AR20SiemensAnalog monitoring 1CO1
80223US5000-0ASiemensOverload relay 0.1-0.16A11
63003US5000-0CSiemensOverload relay 0.16-0.25A3
59353US5000-0ESiemensOverload relay 0.25-0.4A 1NO 1NC2
59363US5000-0GSiemensOverload relay 0.4-0.63A 1NO 1NC13
59293US5000-0JSiemensOverload relay 0.63-1A 1NO 1NC2
59313US5000-1ASiemensOverload relay 1-1.6A 1NO 1NC1
59323US5000-2LSiemensOverload relay 12.5-18A 1NO 1NC7
89253US5500-1JSiemensOverload relay 6.3-10A Class 10A size 15
59303US5500-2ASiemensOverload Relay 10-16A17
59253US5500-2C 16-25A (20.5A) SiemensSiemensNote :
Untuk kontaktor 3TS33 & 3TS34
70433US5800-2VSiemensOverload relay 57-70A2
70453US5800-8XSiemensOverload Relay 88-105A4
70463US6100-3KSiemensOverload Relay 120-150A3
70473US6200-3LSiemensOverload Relay 135-160A6
70513US6600-3ESiemensOverload Relay 250-400A3
40153VA1110-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 36kA TM22011
66993VA1110-4GE46-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 70-100A 36kA TM22012
60553VA1110-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70-100A 55kA TM22018
59953VA1110-5GE46-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 100A 55kA TM220
67003VA1112-3EE46-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 88-125A 25kA TM2201
60563VA1112-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 88-125A 36kA TM22024
60493VA1112-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 88-125A 55kA TM22019
40163VA1116-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 160A 36kA TM22022
67343VA1120-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 14-20A 36kA TM22015
67433VA1120-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 20A TM2205
67353VA1125-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18-25A 36kA TM 22011
67443VA1125-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 25A TM2205
40183VA1132-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 32A 36kA TM22018
60583VA1132-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 22-32A 55kA TM2207
40193VA1140-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40A 36kA TM22018
67453VA1140-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 40A TM2205
67463VA1150-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 50A TM22017
40213VA1163-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 36kA TM2204
59933VA1163-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 55kA TM2203
78083VA1163-5EF36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 44-63A 55kA1
59943VA1163-6GE46-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 63A 70kA TM2203
60473VA1180-3EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 56-80A 25kA TM2202
67473VA1180-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 80A TM2204
67333VA1196-4EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 11-16A 36kA TM22016
67423VA1196-5EE36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 16A TM22010
67363VA1220-4EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 200A TM24025
67493VA1220-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 200A TM24010
67013VA1220-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 140-200A 70kA TM2402
67373VA1225-4EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 250A TM2405
40233VA1225-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 250A 55kA TM2408
67383VA1332-4EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 320A TM2406
97533VA1332-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 320A TM2404
59893VA1332-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 320A 70kA TM240
67393VA1340-4EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 400A TM2406
40243VA1340-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 400A 55kA TM2405
94243VA1340-5GF42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4Pole 55kA 400A TM2406
88443VA1340-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 400A 70kA TM2405
67403VA1450-4EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 500A TM24013
67503VA1450-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 500A TM24012
88453VA1450-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 500A 70kA TM2404
67413VA1463-4EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 630A TM2403
66903VA1463-4GF42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 440-630A 36kA TM2401
67513VA1463-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 630A TM2405
61153VA1510-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 700-1000A 55kA TM2406
59923VA1510-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 1000A 70kA TM2404
59903VA1563-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 630A 70kA TM2401
61163VA1580-5EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 560-800A 55kA TM2405
59913VA1580-6EF32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 800A 70kA TM2402
91023VA2225-5HL32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3Pole 55kA 250A ETU3202
67533VA2510-5HL32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 1000A ETU3201
61123VA9088-0LB10SiemensPadlock device for handle accessory for: 3VA1 100/160 3VA1 2504
40253VA9157-0HA20SiemensMotor operator 110-230VAC/110-250VDC accessory for: 3VA1 1603
60613VA9158-0VF30Siemenssliding bar accessory for: 3VA1 1602
40263VA9211-0WF30SiemensTerminal cover extended 3P 1unit accessory for: 3VA1 2508
40273VA9253-0JA12SiemensBox terminal 3 units accessory for: 3VA1 2502
67553VA9257-0HA20SiemensMotor operator 110-230V AC/110-250VDC2
67563VA9267-0HA20SiemensMotor operator 110-230V AC/110-250VDC17
58183VA9467-0HA20SiemensMotor operator 110-230VAC/110-250VDC accessory for: 3VA1 400/630 3VA2 400/6307
40283VA9481-0WF30SiemensTerminal cover extended 3P 1unit accessory for: 3VA1 400/630 3VA2 400/6304
40293VA9483-0JA13SiemensBox terminal 3 units accessory for: 3VA1 400/630 3VA2 400/6302
40303VA9908-0BB11SiemensUnder voltage 24VDC Accessory For 3VA1 and 3VA20 up to 3VA252
40313VA9908-0BB25SiemensUnder voltage 208-230VAC Accessory For 3VA1 and 3VA20 up to 3VA2510
40323VA9988-0AA11SiemensAux. Type HP (14MM) Accessory For 3VA1 and 3VA20 up to 3VA253
61133VA9988-0AA13SiemensAux. Switch 1CO untuk MCCB 3VA1, 3VA20-3VA252
62633VA9988-0AB12SiemensTrip alarm switch14
40343VA9988-0BA23SiemensShun Trip Flexible 208-277VAC9
76643VA9988-0BF22SiemensTime Delay 230VAC3
67543VA9988-0BL33SiemensShunt trip 208-277VAC 50/60HZ 220-250V9
97593VJ1002-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 20A 18kA FTFM16
94223VJ1002-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 20A FTFM5
95563VJ1003-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18kA 32A FTFM14
97603VJ1003-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 32A 25kA FTFM10
94203VJ1003-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 32A FTFM4
96633VJ1004-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 40A 3P 18kA19
94193VJ1004-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 50A FTFM4
95593VJ1005-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18kA 50A FTFM3
1001353VJ1005-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 50A 25kA FTFM9
96643VJ1005-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 40-50A 3P 25kA3
94183VJ1005-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 50A FTFM5
94813VJ1006-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 125A line protection FTFM 3Pole 18kA Icu In=63A overload protection Ir=63A short-circuit protection Ii=850A20
96653VJ1006-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 63A 3P 25kA1
95443VJ1006-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 25kA 63A ATFM5
94173VJ1006-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 63A FTFM5
94833VJ1008-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 125A line protection FTFM 3Pole 18kA Icu In=80A overload protection Ir=80A short-circuit protection Ii=850A21
96663VJ1008-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 80A 3P 25kA5
1001333VJ1008-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 25kA ATFM3
94163VJ1008-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 80A FTFM5
95473VJ1010-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18kA 100A FTFM20
96593VJ1010-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 100A 3P 25kA5
94153VJ1010-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 100A FTFM5
95483VJ1012-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 25kA 125A FTFM6
95433VJ1012-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 25kA 125A ATFM5
96603VJ1092-1DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 25A 3P 18kA4
96613VJ1092-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 25A 3P 25kA5
1001373VJ1092-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 20A-25A 25kA ATFM5
94213VJ1092-3EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 25A FTFM5
94793VJ1103-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 125A line protection FTFM 3Pole 36kA Icu In=32A overload protection Ir=32A short-circuit protection Ii=600A5
94143VJ1103-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 32A FTFM5
94133VJ1104-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 40A FTFM6
94123VJ1105-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 50A FTFM5
80753VJ1106-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 25kA FTFM14
94823VJ1106-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 125A line protection ATFM 3Pole 25kA Icu In=63A overload protection Ir=50.4A-63A5
80793VJ1106-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 36kA FTFM9
80833VJ1106-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 36kA ATFM14
94113VJ1106-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 63A FTFM5
80763VJ1108-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 25kA FTFM10
80803VJ1108-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 80A FTFM6
80843VJ1108-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 36kA ATFM11
94103VJ1108-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 80A FTFM5
80773VJ1110-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 25kA FTFM10
80813VJ1110-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 100A FTFM9
91753VJ1110-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80-100A 36kA8
94093VJ1110-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 100A FTFM5
94063VJ1110-7DB32-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 100A ATFM5
80783VJ1112-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 125A 25kA FTFM10
94083VJ1112-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 125A FTFM5
94783VJ1192-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 25A FTFM5
97613VJ1216-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 160A 25kA FTFM5
1001823VJ1216-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 128A-160A 25kA ATFM5
97623VJ1216-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 160A 36kA FTFM1
80863VJ1216-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 160A 36kA ATFM9
94073VJ1216-5EA42-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 4P 36kA 160A FTFM5
95513VJ1216-7DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 160A FTFM5
94053VJ1216-7DB32-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 160A ATFM7
94843VJ1220-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 250A line protection FTFM 3Pole 25kA Icu In=200A overload protection Ir=200A8
80873VJ1220-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 200A ATFM8
98923VJ1220-7DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 200A 55kA FTFM5
94863VJ1225-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 50A line protection FTFM 3Pole 25kA Icu In=250A overload protection Ir=250A1
1001843VJ1225-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 250A 25kA ATFM5
97633VJ1225-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 250A 36kA FTFM9
98913VJ1225-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 200A-250A 36kA ATFM5
95533VJ1225-7DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 250A FTFM5
94043VJ1225-7DB32-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 250A ATFM12
94873VJ1332-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A line protection FTFM 3Pole 25kA Icu In=320A overload protection Ir=320A5
94883VJ1332-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A line protection ATFM 3P 25kA Icu In=320A overload protection Ir=256A-320A5
94893VJ1332-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A line protection FTFM 3Pole 36kA Icu In=320A overload protection Ir=320A5
94903VJ1332-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A line protection ATFM 3Pole 36kA Icu In=320A overload protection Ir=256A-320A7
98933VJ1332-7DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 320A 55kA FTFM5
94033VJ1332-7DB32-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 320A ATFM4
94913VJ1340-3DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A 3Pole 25kA line protection FTFM4
94923VJ1340-3DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A 3Pole 25kA line protection ATFM4
94933VJ1340-5DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 400A 3Pole 36kA line protection FTFM3
94943VJ1340-5DB32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 36kA 3Pole 400A line protection ATFM1
95573VJ1340-7DA32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 400A FTFM5
94023VJ1340-7DB32-0AA0 - SiemensSiemensMCCB 3Pole 55kA 400A ATFM10
97643VJ9018-0AD11SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ10 125A auxiliary - and alarm switch 2 x changeover contacts left6
88393VJ9118-0AA21SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ11 125A alarm switch 1 x changeover contact right2
97653VJ9118-0AD11SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ11 125A auxiliary - and alarm switch 2 x changeover contacts left
88383VJ9218-0AA21SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ12 250A alarm switch 1 x changeover contact right10
97673VJ9218-0AD11SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ12 250A auxiliary - and alarm switch 2 x changeover contacts left
88403VJ9218-0AN11SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ11 125A framesize 3VJ12 250A auxiliary switch 1 x changeover contact left10
88373VJ9218-0ST36SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ11 125 framesize 3VJ12 250A shunt trip 220VAC 50/60Hz9
88363VJ9218-0UV36SiemensAccessory 3VJ9 IEC framesize 3VJ11 125A framesize 3VJ12 250A undervoltage release 220VAC 50/60Hz5
40373VL1702-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 20A TM3
40393VL1703-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 32A TM overload prot. II=300A1
40403VL1703-1DD33-2PD1SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA 32A TM overload prot. II=300A1
40413VL1703-2DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70kA 32A TM2
40433VL1704-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA TM, LI In=40A, rated current Ir=32-40A, overload prot. II=600A16
40443VL1704-2DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70kA TM, LI In=40A, rated current Ir=40A, overload protection II=600A2
40463VL1705-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA TM, LI In=50A, rated current Ir=40-50A, overload prot. II=600A18
40493VL1706-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA TM, LI In=63A, rated current Ir=50-63A, overload prot. II=600A25
40503VL1706-2DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70kA TM, LI In=63A, rated current Ir=63A, overload protection II=600A,2
40523VL1708-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA TM, LI In=80A, rated current Ir=63-80A, overload prot. II=1000A8
40533VL1708-2DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70kA TM, LI In=80A, rated current Ir=80A, overload protection II=1000A7
40543VL1710-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA TM, LI In=100A, rated current Ir=80-100A, overload prot. II=1000A11
40553VL1710-2DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70kA 415VACTM, LI In=100A, rated current Ir=100A, overload protection II=1000A1
40563VL1712-1DD33-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 55kA TM, LI In=125A, rated current Ir=100-125A, overload prot. II=1000A5
40583VL2710-2DC33-2PD1SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 70kA TM5
40623VL4731-1DC36-2PD1SiemensMCCB 3P 315A 55kA TM2
40643VL9300-3HA00SiemensAccessory for VL160X, VL160, VL250 front mounted rotary operator standard4
40673VL9300-8CA30SiemensAccessory for VL160X, VL160, VL250, terminal cover IP30, extended, comprises 2 covers 3P3
40683VL9300-8CB30SiemensAccessory for VL160X, VL160, VL250, terminal cover IP30 standard comprises 2 covers 3P1
40693VL9400-1ST00SiemensAccessory for VL160X, VL160, VL250, VL400, shunt release 208-277VAC for installation on right2
40723VL9400-4TC30SiemensAccessory for VL400, box terminals comprises 3 box terminals 3P1
40733VL9400-8CA30SiemensAccessory for VL400, terminal cover IP30 extended comprises 2 covers 3P2
57663VM1010-2ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 16kA TM2107
61183VM1010-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 36kA TM2102
61193VM1020-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 20A 25kA TM2107
60253VM1025-2ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 25A 16kA TM210
61203VM1025-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 25A 25kA TM2105
61213VM1032-2ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 32A 16kA TM2101
79523VM1032-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 32A 36kA TM2101
60433VM1040-2ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40A 16kA TM2104
61233VM1040-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40A 25kA TM2104
61243VM1040-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40A 36kA TM2103
54393VM1050-2ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 16kA 50A TM1204
61253VM1050-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 50A 25kA TM2103
61273VM1063-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 25kA TM2103
61293VM1080-2ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 16kA TM2101
60123VM1080-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 25kA TM21015
61303VM1080-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 36kA TM2102
79483VM1096-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 16A 36kA TM2102
40783VM1110-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 25kA TM22014
60483VM1110-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70-100A 36kA TM2205
67273VM1110-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 70-100A 55kA TM2203
60213VM1112-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 125A 25kA TM210
60423VM1112-3ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 25kA 125A TM2102
40793VM1112-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 125A 25kA TM2209
61323VM1112-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 125A 36kA TM2102
67173VM1112-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 88-125A 36kA TM22010
60233VM1116-3ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 160A 25kA TM210
79843VM1116-3ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 160A 25kA TM2108
40803VM1116-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 160A 25kA TM22018
60643VM1116-4ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 160A 36kA TM2103
67073VM1120-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 14-20A 25kA TM22012
67113VM1120-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 14-20A 36kA TM22030
67203VM1120-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 14-20A 55kA TM2208
67083VM1125-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18-25A 25kA TM22023
60653VM1125-4ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 25A 36kA TM2105
67123VM1125-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18-25A 36kA TM22026
67213VM1125-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 18-25A 55kA TM2205
40743VM1132-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 32A 25kA TM22017
67133VM1132-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 22-32A 36kA TM22011
67223VM1132-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 22-32A 55kA TM2204
40753VM1140-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40A 25kA TM22023
67143VM1140-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 28-40A 36kA TM22025
67233VM1140-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 28-40A 55kA TM2208
67093VM1150-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 35-50A 25kA TM22024
67153VM1150-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 35-50A 36kA TM22014
67243VM1150-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 35-50A 55kA TM22010
40763VM1163-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 25kA TM22012
62673VM1163-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 36kA 3P TM2208
73933VM1163-4GE42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 44-63A 36kA TM2201
67253VM1163-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 44-63A 55kA TM2202
60543VM1180-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 56-80A 25kA TM22012
67163VM1180-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 56-80A 36kA TM22015
67263VM1180-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 65-80A 55kA TM2202
67063VM1196-3EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 11-16A 25kA TM22011
67103VM1196-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 11-16A 36kA TM22012
67193VM1196-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 11-16A 55kA TM2207
61343VM1220-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 200A 36kA TM2102
60673VM1220-4ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 200A 36kA TM2103
61353VM1220-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 140-200A 36kA TM22041
40813VM1220-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 200A 55kA TM22015
60683VM1225-4ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 250A 36kA TM2105
67053VM1225-4EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 175-250A 36kA TM2201
59863VM1225-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 250A 55kA TM2203
60693VM1340-4ED42-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 400A 36kA TM2103
61393VM1450-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 500A 36kA TM2105
79463VM1450-5EE32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 500A 55kA TM2203
60293VM1463-4ED32-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA 630A TM210
67323VM9908-0BB24SiemensUndervoltage release 120-127V AC 50/60Hz accessory for: 3VM to 630A10
67313VM9908-0BL33SiemensShunt trip left 208-277V AC 50/60Hz 220-250V DC accessory for: 3VM to 630A1
67303VM9988-0AA12SiemensAuxiliary switch (Kontak Bantu) changeover contacts type HQ (7mm) accessory for: breaker 3VM23
75463VM9988-0AB12SiemensTrip Signalling31
58873VS1300-1MD00SiemensMotor Starter 100kA 1NO 1NC15
62593VS1300-1MF00SiemensMPCB 0.60-1A 100kA 1NO 1NC8
40843VS1300-1MH00SiemensMPCB 1.6-2.4A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC1
40853VS1300-1MJ00SiemensMPCB 2.4-4A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC3
68013VS1300-1MM00SiemensMotor starter 10-16A 6kA 1NO 1NC
67793VS1600-1MM00SiemensMotor Stater 10-16A 100kA 1NO 1NC3
92373VS1600-1MN00SiemensMPCB 16-25A 100kA 1NO 1NC5
40893VT1701-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 12.5-16A 25kA41
40903VT1701-2DM36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 12.5-16A 25kA1
40923VT1702-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 16-20A 25kA52
40933VT1702-2DM36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 16-20A 25kA
40953VT1703-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 25-32A 25kA1
40973VT1704-2DA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40A 25kA26
40993VT1704-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 32-40A 25kA76
41043VT1705-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 40-50A 25kA72
41073VT1706-2DA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63A 25kA56
41113VT1706-2DM36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 50-63A 25kA
41133VT1708-2DA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80A 25kA76
41153VT1708-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 63-80A 25kA17
41173VT1710-2DA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100A 25kA153
41193VT1710-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80-100A 25kA16
41203VT1710-2DM36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 80-100A 25kA1
41243VT1712-2DA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 125A 25kA
41273VT1712-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 100-125A 25kA84
41333VT1716-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 125-160A 25kA11
41343VT1716-2DE36-0AA0SiemensSwitch Disconnector 3P 160A20
41363VT1792-2DC36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 20-25A 25kA16
41383VT2725-2AA46-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 36kA20
41393VT2725-3AA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 65kA
41413VT2725-3AA46-0AA0SiemensMCCB 4P 65kA6
41423VT3763-2AA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 36kA
41453VT3763-3AA36-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 65kA
41483VT4710-3AA30-0AA0SiemensMCCB 3P 65kA1
41513VT8110-1AA03-0AA2SiemensMCCB 3P 100A2
41523VT8212-1AA03-0AA2SiemensMCCB 3P 120A3
41533VT8216-1AA03-0AA2SiemensMCCB 3P 160A3
41543VT9100-1SD00SiemensShunt Release 1CO AC110, 230V/DC 110, 220V4
41563VT9100-1SE00SiemensShunt Release AC230, 400V/DC200V4
41573VT9100-1UD00SiemensUndervoltage Release 1CO AC110, 230V/DC 110, 220V5
41583VT9100-1UE00SiemensUndervoltage Release AC350, 400V/DC220V5
41603VT9100-2AB10SiemensAuxiliary Switch 1CO AC/DC 60-250V5
41613VT9100-2AH10SiemensAlarm Switch 1CO AC/DC 60-250V21
41623VT9100-3HE20SiemensKnob Lockable Red2
77743VT9100-3HJ10SiemensAccessory for MCCB 3VT2
41633VT9100-3ME00SiemensMotorized Operating Mechanisms AC 230V/DC 220V5
41643VT9200-3HA10SiemensRotary operating mechanisms No Locking for 3VT22
41663VT9200-3MQ00SiemensMotorized Operating Mechanisms IP00 AC 230V/DC 220V17
41673VT9200-4TC30SiemensConnecting Set for 3P version Box Terminal (1 Set = 3 units)2
41683VT9200-8CB30SiemensTerminal Protection Cover IP20 For 3VT2 3P2
41713VT9220-6AB00SiemensETU 200A for 3VT2725-2AA3639
41723VT9225-6AB00SiemensETU 250A for 3VT2725-2AA36
41763VT9300-1SE00SiemensShunt Release AC 2320, 400, 500V/DC220V1
41793VT9300-1UE00SiemensUndervoltage Release AC 230, 400, 500V/DC220V
41803VT9300-2AC10SiemensAux. Switch + Alarm Switch 1NO AC/DC 5-60V
41813VT9300-2AD10SiemensAux. Switch + Alarm Switch 1NC AC/DC 60-250V
41843VT9300-3HA10SiemensRotary operating mechanisms - No locking11
41853VT9300-3HE10SiemensKnob for rotary operating mechanisms - No Locking3
41883VT9300-3HG10SiemensCoupling driver for door coupling operating mechanism IP 401
41893VT9300-3HG20SiemensCoupling Driver for door coupling operating mechanism IP 663
41913VT9300-3HJ10SiemensExtension Shaft Lenght : 350mm2
41953VT9300-3MQ00SiemensMotorized operating mechanisms IP00 AC 230V/DC 220V18
41993VT9331-6AB00SiemensETU 315A for 3VT3763-2AA3632
42013VT9340-6AB00SiemensETU 400A for 3VT3763-2AA3622
42053VT9363-6AB00SiemensETU 630A for 3VT376316
42083VT9410-6AC00SiemensETU 400-1000A for 3VT471015
42093VT9410-6DT00SiemensSwitch Disconnector module VT10004
42113VT9480-6AC00SiemensElectronic Trip Unit (ETU) 315-800A for 3VT471019
42163VT9500-3MQ00SiemensMotorized operating mechanism AC 230 V/DC 220 V for 3VT4 dan 3VT51
42183VT9512-6AC00SiemensElectronic Trip Unit (ETU) 500-1250A for 3VT57161
42223VU1340-0MD00SiemensMPCB 0.24-0.4A 415V 100kA10
42233VU1340-0ME00SiemensMPCB 0.4-0.6A 415V 100kA10
42243VU1340-0MF00SiemensMPCB 0.6-0.1A 415V 100kA6
42253VU1340-0MG00SiemensMPCB 1-1.6A 415V 100kA8
42283VU1340-1MC00SiemensMPCB 0.16-0.24A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC2
42293VU1340-1ME00SiemensMPCB 0.4-0.6A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC6
42393VU1340-1NH00SiemensMPCB 2-3.2A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC15
42413VU1340-1NK00SiemensMPCB 5-8A 415V 10kA 1NO 1NC8
42423VU1340-1NL00SiemensMPCB 8-13A 415V 6kA 1NO 1NC2
42443VU1640-0ML00SiemensMPCB 6-10A 415V 100kA10
42453VU1640-0MN00SiemensMPCB 16-25A 415V 100kA18
42463VU1640-0MP00SiemensMPCB 22-32A 415V 100kA6
42473VU1640-0MQ00SiemensMPCB 28-40A 415V 35kA17
42483VU1640-0MR00SiemensMPCB 36-52A 415V 35kA10
42503VU1640-1MG00SiemensMPCB 1-1.6A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC5
42513VU1640-1MH00SiemensMPCB 1.6-2.4A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC5
42523VU1640-1MJ00SiemensMPCB 2.4-4A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC5
42533VU1640-1MK00SiemensMPCB 4-6A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC4
42543VU1640-1ML00SiemensMPCB 6-10A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC1
42563VU1640-1MP00SiemensMPCB 22-32A 415V 100kA 1NO 1NC1
42593VU9131-3AA00SiemensAux. contact block for 3VU13/161
42613VU9131-7AA00SiemensAccessories for 3VU13/1629
42623WL9111-0AA31-0AA0SiemensAccessories circuit breaker 3WL ext. current transformers sz.I f. n-cond.prot. rogowski convrtr. with copper bar
42663WL9111-0AP01-0AA0SiemensAccessories circuit breaker 3WL door sealing frame IP41 for inst. In contr.cabinet door2
42673WL9111-0AT45-0AA0SiemensAccessories circuit breaker 3WL sealing disc for ETU25-75 for prot. against Unauthor. operation3
42703WT8084-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 4P, size 1 In=800A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=55kA at 500V1
42713WT8100-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 3P, size 1 In=1000A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=55kA at 500V1
42783WT8120-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 3P, size 1 In=1250A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=55kA at 500V1
42853WT8202-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 3P, size 2 In=2000A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=66kA at 500V1
42883WT8252-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 3P, size 2 In=2500A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=66kA at 500V1
42913WT8256-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 4P, size 2 In=2500A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=66kA at 500V4
61143WT8322-5AA00-0AA2SiemensACB 3P 3200A 66kA Fix ETU35WT1
42933WT8402-5AA02-0AA2SiemensACB 3P, size 2 In=4000A to 500V, 50/60Hz AC Icu=66kA at 500V1
1001853WT9111-0AB10SiemensAccessory 3WT disconnect terminals compressions screw terminals10
42973WT9816-1CE00SiemensAuxiliary switch 2CO20
43013WT9832-1JH00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, motorized operating mechanism 110-127VAC, 110-125VDC2
43023WT9832-1JK00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, motorized operating mechanism 220-240VAC, 220-250VDC9
66753WT9833-1JH00SiemensElectrical closing 110...127V AC, 110...125V DC3
43053WT9833-1JK00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, electrical closing 220-240VAC, 220-250VDC7
43063WT9851-1JH00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, shunt release for auxiliary release (F1+F2) and closing solenoid "Y" rated control supply voltage 50/60Hz 110-127VAC 110-125VDC2
43103WT9851-1JK00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, shunt release for auxiliary release (F1+F2) and closing solenoid "Y" rated control supply voltage 50/60Hz 220-240VAC 220-250VDC5
66773WT9853-1JH00SiemensUndervoltage Release 110...127V, 110...125V DC1
43133WT9853-1JK00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, undervoltage release "F3" rated control supply voltage 50/60Hz AC, 220-240V, 220-250VDC8
43173WT9854-1JK00SiemensAccess. for circ. breaker 3WT8, undervoltage release "RC" F3 220-240VAC13
66763WT9886-0JA00SiemensDoor Sealing Frame - ACB 3WT86
43195SB411SiemensFuse link 500 V for cable and line protection gG, size DIII, E33, 35A5
43205SB431SiemensFuse link 500V for cable and line protection gG, size DIII, E33, 63A1
43215SD7414-1SiemensLightning arresters, type 1 Requirement class B, UC 350V Pluggable protective modules 4P, 3+1 circuit for TN-S and TT systems with remote display9
60325SD7464-0SiemensSurge arrester 4P Type 2 Requirement class C, UC 350V 3+1 circuit for TN-S and TT systems3
43225SD7464-1SiemensSurge arrester Type 2 Requirement class C, UC 350V Pluggable protective modules 4Pole12
43235SJ6104-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 4A 6kA
78095SJ6116-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 16A 6kA1
43245SJ6120-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 20A 6kA
43255SJ6125-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 25A 6kA
43265SJ6132-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 32A 6kA
43275SJ6140-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 40A 6kA
43285SJ6150-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 50A 6kA
43295SJ6163-7SCSiemensMCB 1P 63A 6kA41
43305SJ6216-7SCSiemensMCB 2P 16A 6kA30
43315SJ6220-7SCSiemensMCB 2P 20A 6kA42
43325SJ6302-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 2A 6kA
43335SJ6304-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 4A 6kA85
43345SJ6306-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 6A 6kA48
43355SJ6316-7SC / 5SLSiemensMCB 3P 16A 6kA
43365SJ6320-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 20A 6kA
43385SJ6340-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 40A 6kA
43395SJ6350-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 50A 6kA
43405SJ6363-7SCSiemensMCB 3P 63A 6kA41
80605SL3102-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 2A 4.5kA241
94775SL3104-7MBSiemensMCB 1Pole 4A 4.5 kA
80615SL3106-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 6A 4.5kA185
80625SL3110-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 16A 4.5kA129
80635SL3116-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 16A 4.5kA26
80645SL3120-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 20A 4.5kA272
80655SL3125-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 25A 4.5kA371
80665SL3132-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 32A 4.5kA369
80675SL3163-7MBSiemensMCB 1P 63A 4.5kA300
1001865SL3302-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 4.5kA 2A120
1001385SL3304-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 4.5kA 4A120
80685SL3310-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 10A 4.5kA5
80695SL3316-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 16A 4.5kA
80705SL3320-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 20A 4.5kA26
80715SL3325-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 25A 4.5kA46
80725SL3332-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 32A 4.5kA10
80745SL3363-7MBSiemensMCB 3P 63A 4.5kA51
60175SL4102-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 2A 10kA12
43435SL4104-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 4A 10kA80
43465SL4106-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 6A 10kA684
43495SL4110-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 10A 10kA651
60145SL4116-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 16A 10kA90
43545SL4120-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 20A 10kA205
60385SL4125-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 25A 10kA309
43595SL4132-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 32A 10kA139
60035SL4140-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 40A 10kA
43625SL4150-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 50A 10kA18
74905SL4163-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 63A 10kA19
61455SL4202-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 2A 10kA56
61465SL4206-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 6A 10kA31
61475SL4210-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 10A 10kA59
66815SL4220-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 20A 10kA54
79785SL4232-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 32A 10kA42
43635SL4304-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 4A 10kA22
43665SL4306-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 6A 10kA202
43695SL4310-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 10A 10kA47
60365SL4316-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 16A 10kA57
60375SL4320-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 20A 10kA97
60155SL4325-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 25A 10kA
60185SL4332-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 32A 10kA
43855SL4340-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 40A 10kA46
43875SL4350-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 50A 10kA39
43895SL4363-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 63A 10kA68
79595SL4440-7CCSiemensMCB 4P 40A 10kA2
75435SL4450-7CCSiemensMCB 4P 50A 10kA2
60445SL6102-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 2A 6kA312
60455SL6104-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 4A 6kA343
43945SL6106-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 6A 6kA497
60335SL6110-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 10A 6kA1.584
60355SL6116-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 16A 6kA427
44025SL6120-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 20A 6kA208
44045SL6125-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 25A 6kA247
44065SL6132-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 32A 6kA301
44085SL6140-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 40A 6kA195
44095SL6150-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 50A 6kA108
44105SL6163-7CCSiemensMCB 1P 63A 6kA98
44125SL6202-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 2A 6kA82
44145SL6204-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 4A 6kA116
44165SL6206-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 6A 6kA82
44185SL6210-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 10A 6kA136
44205SL6216-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 16A 6kA69
44225SL6220-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 20A 6kA54
44245SL6225-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 25A 6kA100
44265SL6232-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 32A 6kA78
44285SL6240-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 40A 6kA89
44305SL6250-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 50A 6kA116
44325SL6263-7CCSiemensMCB 2P 63A 6kA
44335SL6302-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 2A 6kA126
44355SL6304-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 4A 6kA69
44375SL6306-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 6A 6kA124
44395SL6310-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 10A 6kA133
44425SL6316-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 16A 6kA133
44445SL6320-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 20A 6kA80
44465SL6325-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 25A 6kA
66485SL6332-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 32A 6kA105
44485SL6340-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 40A 6kA65
44505SL6350-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 50A 6kA36
44515SL6363-7CCSiemensMCB 3P 63A 6kA100
79575SL6420-7CCSiemensMCB 4P 20A 6kA9
79805SL6432-7CCSiemensMCB 4P 32A 6kA5
44525SL6440-7CCSiemensMCB 4P 40A 6kA
79605SL6463-7CCSiemensMCB 4P 63A 6kA5
44545SM1642-6SiemensRCCB 4P type A, In: 25A, 300mA, Un AC: 400V2
44585SU9304-1KK06SiemensRCBO, 10kA, 1P+N, Type AC, 30mA, C-Char, In: 6A, Un AC: 230V, pigtail 600mm, solid N3
44595SU9304-1KK16SiemensRCBO, 10kA, 1P+N, Type AC, 30mA, C-Char, In: 16A, Un AC: 230V, pigtail 600mm, solid N50
87745SU9356-1KK10SiemensRCBO 1P+N 6kA 10A114
44625SV3344-6SiemensRCCB/ELCB 4P 40A 400V17
66785SV4342-0SiemensRCCB 4P 25A 30mA1
66795SV4344-0SiemensRCCB 4P 40A 30mA1
60515SV4642-0SiemensRCCB 3P+N (4P) 25A 300mA4
76635SV5311-0SiemensResidual current 2P 16A 30mA 230V1
79725SV5344-0SiemensRCCB/ELCB 4P 40A5
44635SX2105-7SiemensMCB T55 230/400V, 6KA, 1-POLE, C, 0.5A12
44645SY4104-7SiemensMCB 1P 4A 10kA26
44665SY4216-7SiemensMCB 2P 16A 10kA33
61535SY4332-8SiemensMCB 3P 32A 10kA4
61415SY4510-7SiemensMCB 2P 10A 10kA4
44715SY6102-6SiemensMCB 1P 2A 6kA28
44735SY6103-7SiemensMCB 1P 3A 6kA3
44745SY6104-6SiemensMCB 1P 4A 6kA39
44785SY6110-6SiemensMCB 2P 10A 6kA21
44805SY6110-7SiemensMCB 1P 10A 6kA16
44825SY6116-7SiemensMCB 1P 16A 6kA17
44835SY6120-7SiemensMCB 1P 20A 6kA25
44845SY6132-7SiemensMCB 1P 32A 6kA32
44855SY6140-7SiemensMCB 1P 40A 6kA22
44865SY6150-7SiemensMCB 1P 50A 6kA14
44875SY6202-7SiemensMCB 2P 2A 6kA5
44885SY6204-7SiemensMCB 2P 4A 6kA19
44895SY6206-7SiemensMCB 2P 6A 6kA1
44915SY6216-7SiemensMCB 2P 16A 6kA28
44925SY6220-7SiemensMCB 2P 20A 6kA3
44935SY6232-7SiemensMCB 2P 32A 6kA6
44945SY6240-7SiemensMCB 2P 40A 6kA4
44955SY6250-7SiemensMCB 2P 50A 6kA6
44965SY6306-7SiemensMCB 3P 6A 6kA33
44985SY6316-7SiemensMCB 3P 16A 6kA2
44995SY6320-7SiemensMCB 3P 20A 6kA5
79315SY6325-7SiemensMCB 3P 25A 6kA2
45005SY6332-7SiemensMCB 3P 32A 6kA6
45015SY6340-7SiemensMCB 3P 40A 6kA8
45025SY6350-7SiemensMCB 3P 50A 6kA6
45035SY6363-7SiemensMCB 3P 63A 6kA2
45045SY7102-7SiemensMCB 1P 2A 15kA2
45055SY7104-7SiemensMCB 1P 4P 15kA1
45065SY7106-7SiemensMCB 1P 6A 15kA3
45075SY7110-7SiemensMCB 1P 10A 15kA1
60345SY7116-7SiemensMCB 1P 16A 15kA4
60015SY7132-7SiemensMCB 1P 32A 15kA
60045SY7140-7SiemensMCB 1P 40A 15kA10
67885SY7250-7SiemensMCB 2P 5kA 50A7
54075SY7306-7SiemensMCB 3P 6A 15kA
53885SY7310-7SiemensMCB 3P 10A 15kA5
45145SY7316-7SiemensMCB 3P 16A 15kA89
59995SY7320-7SiemensMCB 3P 20A 15kA1
60415SY7350-7SiemensMCB 3P 50A 15kA4
45195SY7363-7SiemensMCB 3P 63A 15kA16
66805SY7416-7SiemensMCB 4P 16A 15kA2
66835SY7425-7SiemensMCB 4P 25A 15kA
66845SY7432-7SiemensMCB 4P 32A 15kA
66855SY7440-7SiemensMCB 4P 40A 15kA2
45215SY8220-7SiemensMCB 2P 20A 25kA1
60025SY8332-7SiemensMCB 3P 32A 25kA
100125TJ3106-7SiemensMCB 1P 6A 4.5kA287
100135TJ3110-7SiemensMCB 1P 10A 4.5kA288
100145TJ3116-7SiemensMCB 1P 16 4.5kA288
100155TJ3120-7SiemensMCB 1P 20A 4.5kA144
100165TJ3125-7SiemensMCB 1P 25A 4.5kA144
100175TJ3132-7SiemensMCB 1P 32A 4.5kA144
100185TJ3306-7SiemensMCB 3P 6A 4.5kA144
100195TJ3310-7SiemensMCB 3P 10A 4.5kA144
100205TJ3316-7SiemensMCB 3P 16A 4.5kA144
100215TJ3320-7SiemensMCB 3P 20A 4.5kA144
100225TJ3325-7SiemensMCB 3P 25A 4.5kA144
100235TJ3332-7SiemensMCB 3P 32A 4.5kA144
100245TJ6106-7SiemensMCB 1P 6A 6kA268
100255TJ6110-7SiemensMCB 1P 10A 6kA202
100355TJ6116-7SiemensMCB 1P 16A 6kA288
100265TJ6120-7SiemensMCB 1P 20A 6kA144
100275TJ6125-7SiemensMCB 1P 25A 6kA144
100285TJ6132-7SiemensMCB 1P 32A 6kA144
100295TJ6306-7SiemensMCB 3P 6A 6kA144
100305TJ6310-7SiemensMCB 3P 10A 6kA144
100315TJ6316-7SiemensMCB 3P 16A 6kA144
100325TJ6320-7SiemensMCB 3P 20A 6kA144
100335TJ6325-7SiemensMCB 3P 25A 6kA144
100345TJ6332-7SiemensMCB 3P 32A 6kA144
80567KM3220-0BA01-1DA0SiemensPower meter input: 690/400V IE rated input: X/1A oder X/5A AC Power supply: 100-250V +-10 % AC/DC screw connections18
45297KM4212-0BA00-3AA0SiemensSentron measuring device, 7KM PAC4200, LCD, L-L: 690V, L-N: 400V, 5A, 3Phase1
45327KM9300-0AM00-0AA0SiemensExpansion module RS485, plug-in, for 7KM PAC3200 / 4200 / 3VA COM100 / 8001
80737KT0310SiemensPower meter 95-240VAC Measuring inputs Ue: max. 480/276V 3AC Ie: 1A or 5A165
59237PV1578-1BW30SiemensTiming relay 2NO 12-240VAC/DC18
45358MR2170-1BASiemensThermostat NC contact 0 to 60 °C with NC contact8
45368MR2170-1BBSiemensThermostat NO contact 0 to 60 °C with NC contact with NO contact5
45378US1251-5DM07SiemensBusbar center-to-center spacing 60mm Device adapter, Width: 45mm Bar thickness: 5.10 mm+TT profile for circuit breaker, Contactor Overload relay, Motor feeders S00, S0, Length 182 mm with 1 DIN rail 35mm, up to 25A2
78108WA1010-1PQ00SiemensTerminal Block PE 95mm1
78118WA1011-1BF22SiemensTerminal Block 6mm32
45388WA1011-1BF23SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal, blue, 6mm, Sz. 2.53
45398WA1011-1BH23SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal, blue, 8mm, Sz. 610
45408WA1011-1BK11SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal, blue, 10mm Sz. 162
45418WA1011-1DF11SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal, 6mm, Sz. 2.57
45458WA1011-1PF00SiemensPE terminal 2 screw terminals green-yellow, 6mm, Sz. 2.516
61108WA1011-1PF01SiemensPE terminal 1 screw terminal green-yellow, 6mm, Sz. 2.5
45468WA1011-1PF11SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal, green-yellow, 6mm, 2.53
45478WA1011-1PG00SiemensPE terminal 2 screw terminals green-yellow, 7.2mm, Sz. 4348
45488WA1011-1PG11SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal, green-yellow, 6.5mm, 4478
45528WA1206SiemensTerminal thermoplast Screw terminal on both sides Single terminal 2mm, Sz. 70188
45548WA1802SiemensLink rail for 10 terminals Sz. 1614
45558WA1808SiemensEnd retainer thermoplast, 10mm3
61428WA1820SiemensIntermediate plate for terminals Sz. 1, 1.5 and 2.595
89808WH1000-0AK00SiemensTerminal size 16.0 mm223
45578WH1000-0AQ00SiemensTerminal with screw terminal 35-95mm2, AWG: 2-4/0, Width: 25mm - Gray24
45588WH1000-0AS00SiemensTerminal with screw terminal 50-150 mm2, Width: 31mm - Gray20
8097Conatactor 3RT2028-1AP00/220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC55
6998Contacftor 3RT2038-1AP00 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 37kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC39
5507Contact Point 3RT1956-6A SiemensSiemensReplacement contact pieces for 3RT105610
6074Contactor 3RT1054-6AF36 110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC20
8107Contactor 3RT1054-6AP36 SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 55kW 2NO 2NC 400VAC8
3571Contactor 3RT1056-6AP36 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 90kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC12
3587Contactor 3RT2016-1BB41 24VDC SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 24VDC20
3602Contactor 3RT2026-1AP00 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 11kW 1NO 1NC 220VAC52
9086Contactor 3RT2027-1AB00 24Vac SiemensSiemens10
3604Contactor 3RT2027-1AF00 110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC48
8098Contactor 3RT2027-1AP00 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC77
8918Contactor 3RT2028-1AB00 24Vac SiemensSiemensPower contactor, 3p AC-3 38A 18.5kW 400V 1NO 1NC 24VAC2
7709Contactor 3RT2028-1AF00 110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 18.5kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC10
8798Contactor 3RT2037-1AF00 110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC16
5913Contactor 3RT2037-1AP00 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 30kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC45
8866Contactor 3RT2038-1AF00 110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 37kW 1NO 1NC 110VAC21
3636Contactor 3RT5055-6AF36 110Vac SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 75kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC
3648Contactor 3RT6016-1AP01 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 4kW 1NO 220VAC
3689Contactor 3RT6027-1AP00 ( 1NO / 1NC 220C ) SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 15kW 1NO 1NC 230VAC75
7033Contactor 3TS4722-0AN2 220V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 30kW 2NO 2NC 220VAC 400V 65A1
6237Contactor 3TS4922-0AG2 110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 45kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC3
6304Contactor 3TS5122-0AG2/110V SiemensSiemensKontaktor 3P 75kW 2NO 2NC 110VAC
7403Koreksi Harga SiemensSiemens1
100116Ongkos Repair Box panelSiemens12
7544Power Meter 7KM3120-0BA01-1DA0 SiemensSiemensPower Meter PAC 312020
6645Thermal Overload Relay 3RU6126-4AB0 ( 11-16A ) SiemensSiemensOverload relay 11-16A10